The computer Xperts (Pty) Ltd is a full service computer software related company that delivers first-class computer software related that you might have. Our computer Xperts (Pty) Ltd work on schedule and at affordable rate to provide you with the best service possible. Please feel free to contact us at any time-we would be happy to help you.

Our plan

Troubleshooting, Update Pc, Installing software, Creating database, Networking, website and facilitating skills programmes to students with objectives of creating a favourable working condition to all our clients being categorised as follows private and Public Institution, Government, Private Companies and more especially rural schools.

Our Team

The comupter xperts is composed of three young adults who belive that the
future belongs to those who work hard and willing to give their all to achive
great things in life. Our vision is to bring computerized environment to all
business sectors and help them in any computer related issues.

The computer xperts

TM Motlhabeng

Developer & Solutions
+27 786 498 402

The computer xperts

NM Kataka

Consultations & Support
+27 763 188 108

The computer xperts

T Kataka

Consultation & Administrations
+27 711 649 573

Our products

Black Page SA

Black Page SA is developed to serve as an online advertising platform most specifically for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise sector and to thus encourage and be a motivation to the youth that it is possible to bring ideas to life, and turn them into successful businesses that will positively impact our economic growth by empowering Broad-Based Black Economic (B-BBEE). It is through such issues that Black-Page was developed because many business suffer to flourish through lack of knowledge of their existence. Through the use of Black-Page SA services, individuals and/or organisations get the opportunity to build a proper and acceptable business profile that will see them attracting more business, give them opportunities to see potential partnerships or service providers.

Rev Tracking

Rev tracking mobile application and web application was developed by TM Motlhabeng with Revival Technologies.The purpose of the App is to minimize the transportation issues in rural and urban communities by giving cummuters and consumers a platform to use to engage in transportation servies.

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